UO Patch 2.52 Final Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: UO Patch 2.52 Final Released

It's about time. After god knows how long they have released a final patch for Urban Operations. Some of the fixes are listed below:

  • Cover, Defend, and Snipe waypoints now appear correctly on the in-game map.
  • The mouse look setting should no longer get reset to its original value if you change it from within the action phase.
  • Smoke grenades should now show the smoke grenade model when in a player's hand.
  • "Double Bluff" victory conditions have been fixed so that if a terrorist kills a hostage, both teams lose.
  • The AIs will no longer stop following their plan if the leader gets killed during a Cover, Snipe, or Defend plan step.

  • Fixed a crash on game start when someone chose the "Electronics"
  • CLARIFICATION: The IP address of the displaying machine is shown in the session screen. The server's IP address shows on the server machine, and the clients see their own IP addresses.

    Mod System
  • Fix the built-in mods to only show up in the interface when appropriate.
  • Fixed the MaxOperatives.txt and MaxTerrorists.txt files to be case
    insensitive on the mission file names.

    Movement / Combat Model
  • Fixed the "can't fast sidestrafe while zoomed" to "can't fast sidestrafe while zoomed a lot". It now works identical to the run restriction.
  • You can download the new patch from here.

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