Attention Age of Kings Combatants

Posters Name: Krogue
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Subject: Attention Age of Kings Combatants

Hey Rikus Khan, Mizzouri, Squirrel, Raven, Scooby, and Bob!!!

Are you tired of hurling the same old boring retail manufacturer provided taunts at each other during your hours-long Age of Kings bitch-slapping sessions? Check out Heaven Games gigantic collection of custom taunts for AoK. You can see all the taunts here.

You can get all of the taunts in one big zip file, or download just the ones you want. The list includes everything from Classic Star Wars "Artoo said the chances of survival are 755 to 1" to South Park "Respect my Authority". Check it out, it could make Mizzouri's cavalry rushes entertaining even as he draws and quarters your king.

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