MWGL Road Trip

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Subject: MWGL Road Trip

In June of this year the "Cyberathlete Professional League" will be hosting their CPL World Championship: US Qualifier in Dallas Texas. I am interested in seeing how many MWGL members would be interested in going and playing/competing at this massive LAN gaming event.

The exact date has not been announced yet, but here are the particulars from their website The CPL:

  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Hotel: Hyatt Regency Dallas
  • Date: June 2001
  • Expected Attendance: 700
  • BYOC size: 500
  • Official Tournament Game: Quake 3 / Team
  • Tournament Competitors: 40 Teams
  • Cash Prizes: $25,000
  • General Admission: $40 online / $50 door
  • Main Sponsor: To be Announced
  • This is just a snippet from their latest press release dated November 11, 2000
    The Cyberathlete Professional League or CPL, a division of, Inc., is awarding $600,000 in cash and prizes at tournaments in three continents this year. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CPL has created custom computer networks at local gaming competitions for more gamers than any other organization. CPL events feature professional gaming tournaments, computer gaming software & hardware exhibitions, enthusiast "bring your own computer" LAN arena, spectator area and workshops.
    Don't you wish you could have just a tiny bit of that $600,000. I have sent an e-mail to Mike Wardwell, the League Commissioner, inquiring about the particulars of entry, date, and location. I will let you know what info I get back from him. Let me know if you are interested by leaving info in the comments section of the header to this article.

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