Alliance 2.0 And 2.1 Patch Released

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Subject: Alliance 2.0 And 2.1 Patch Released

Well the Alliance Team released a new version of the Alliance MOD for Quake 3 Arena. Version 2.0 has the 3 following distinct game styles:

- Alliance in it's purest form is enhanced CTF and DM with an offhanded grapple. Weapons, items, health and armor are picked up in the maps the traditional way, by running over them.
- Combat is a game which closely resembles Expert Q2. Players spawn with all weapons plus health and ammo regenerate. The weapons balance is slightly different as well as the physics and style of the grappling hook.
- Instagib is a game some may already be familiar with. Players spawn with an enhanced rail gun. Health and ammo is not an issue because when you shoot your enemy, they are instantly gibbed (killed big time).
Also, because of a server crashing bug caused by the Wizard Eye, they have released a 2.1 patch. You can download the new 2.0 release and the 2.1 patch from here.

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