Bot Phaser 1.0 Released for Elite Force

Posters Name: Squirre1
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Subject: Bot Phaser 1.0 Released for Elite Force

The Q2Crew has released Bos Phaser 1.0 for Elite Force. In this release you will find:

  • Support for (virtually) every mod
  • DM, TeamDM, CTF Support
  • Cycles every model and skin as a bot
  • Uses every bot script present
  • Can use models and skins for bots even if script files are not present
  • Bot names management
  • Maps/skin browser that shows everyone of them, despite the limitations of Quake3 menus
  • pk3 file analysis, based on pkzip
  • Use of every map, setting the cycle automatically
  • Number of bot and play mode choice, as the other program of the family
  • and all this in less than 100kb!!!
  • You can download or get more information about this new release from the Q2Crew WebSite.

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