Military Forces Update

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Subject: Military Forces Update

Military Forces will shortly be ready for a test release under the new 1.27 code for Quake 3. Here is a cut and paste of what they had to say:

Just a quick update to let you know about my plans. If you have been watching my .plan file lately you have seen that I am working on version 0.15 right now (getting UI work done, fixing bugs etc). When this is finished I will get the first set of the MFQ3 weapons into the game (v0.16) and some other stuff (maybe more UI, early HUD, new vehicles hopefully). After this I will have some big test-sessions and fix things that might appear, and then I will release a first test-version of MFQ3.
This looks to be a nice TC for Quake 3 arena. For more information you can goto the Military Forces website.

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