SCTA For Q3a

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Subject: SCTA For Q3a

The makers of SCTA have decided to port the Super Configurable Team Arena over to Quake 3 Arena. SCQ3A will be the name, who would of thought. Here is what they had to say:

- The SCTA team has spawned a new version of SCTA - SCTA for Q3A! Named SCQ3A, it's exactly like SCTA, minus of course the features that relate to TA functionality. It's the SAME codebase, so it works exactly the same. If you run a Q3A server and you're dying for maximum flexibility, look no further! Head to the files section now!
Here are what they say are some of the best features:
  • Flexible voting
  • Item swapping
  • Weapon reprogramming
  • Item dropping
  • Extremely flexible, totally new, map rotation system
  • Bugfixes against the base 1.27g/h code"
  • 290 new settings!
  • You can get more information on what is available and download this release from the SCTA/SCQ3A website.

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