A Call For Help

Posters Name: Krogue
Posters Email: krogue@mwgl.org
Subject: A Call For Help

The MWGL Needs Your Help!!!

We are slowly running out of space at our current gaming location. With the additional participants and hopefully continually growth of our LAN Gaming Parties, we recognize that our future lies in a different location.

If you know of a location that might fit our needs; your local church (Mojo-Jojo - we know where YOU worship and it is huge), a local civic group (Elks, VFW, Lion's Club, etc...), if you have contacts in a local school district for a gym or cafeteria, or a very rich relative with a huge basement -- please let us know. Send an email to Krogue and let me know if you can help.

Remember, the larger our group gets, the more people will be able to win prizes and more tournaments can be held.

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