Infiltration For UT Update

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Subject: Infiltration For UT Update

WOW, the guys workin on the Infiltration MOD for UT are working on some new things for the 2.85 release, which is by the way almost complete. The have added virtual breathing, here is a little snip of what they had to say:

First thing we've got going on is a new system implemented into Infiltration. Basically it's a visual breathing application that is directly proportional to your stamina level. It works with all weapons, but most noticeably are the sniper rifles. The breathing is setup to allow you to control it when necessary by holding down the Alt-Fire button, so you can take a more precise shot. It works beautifully, and subtly adds to the skill of each weapon.
This will be a nice addition to an already awesome MOD. You can get more update information on the Infiltration Website.

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