New Info On GeForce3

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Subject: New Info On GeForce3

This is probably interesting news for anyone considering a new video card. Nvidia is starting to let out info on their new Geforce3 cards and Avault has some information on it and some of it's features. Here is a quick quote from the article:

"The GeForce3 features more than 57 million transistors and the ability to perform more than 800 billion operations per second and 76 billion floating point operations per second. The GeForce3 GPU achieves 3.2 billion antialiased samples per second fill rate--more than four times the performance of the GeForce2 Ultra. As do all of the GeForce family products, GeForce3 drives resolutions and color depths of up to 2048x1536x32."
If you think this is interesting head on over to Avault for the full article.

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