Thank You

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Subject: Thank You

We at the MWGL would like to take a moment and thank all the participants who came to the last game day. The MWGL has grown steadily over the last 4 years, and with that growth our LAN game days have become more than we would have ever imagined in the beginning. What started out as just a couple of guys getting together and playing Warcraft II, has turned into an event where dozens of players from all over the K.C. area and out into the surrounding states can come hang out and share in the singular event that is a frag-fest. People who have not experienced the thrill and fun that is a LAN event will never comprehend why we spend the 18+ hours in a dark room playing computer games. But, for those of us that do experience it, we wouldn't miss them for anything.

Tell your friends how much fun you had. Talk it up at work and at school. We hope that come March 24th, you will be able to bring yourselves and others back to the MWGL to have another great time.

Once again, from all the members of the Mid-West Gaming League, THANK YOU and we'll see you in March.

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