I Wanna Be A Samurai

Posters Name: BurnPilot
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Subject: I Wanna Be A Samurai

I was surfing the web, minding my own business when I came across the website for a game that I was actually looking foward to but forgot about. The game is Throne of Darkness and it just begs to be played at a game day due to the amount of people you can get in one game. Here is a quick clip about the multiplayer part of the game:

" In Throne of Darkness' multiplayer mode, up to 35 simultaneous players vie for the mantle of Dark Warlord in a king-of-the-hill style competition. Through competition and cooperation, four clans of seven samurai challenge the Dark Warlord, his seven lieutenants, and his countless minions, all of which can be controlled by a human player. Once the Dark Warlord is defeated, the conquering team becomes the new warlord."
The game was designed by a bunch of former Diablo 1 designers that now work at Click Entertainment For more info head on over to the site.

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