nVidia Announces GeForce 3

Posters Name: Krogue
Posters Email: krogue@mwgl.org
Subject: nVidia Announces GeForce 3

In just a few weeks, and for the low low price of only $500 to $600, you will be able to purchase nVidia's newest graphis accelarator, the GeForce 3. Yeah, none of us will probably buy one right off the bat, but it does look like one sweet piece of hardware. Id Software used the GeForce 3 as its engine to showcase the upcoming DOOM release. The screenshots and video look spectactular.

In addition, the release of the GeForce 3 will more than likely reduce the prices of the current GeForce 2 and Geforce 2 Ultra cards. This is defintely worth it. The current 32 meg GeForce 2 GTS's are currently as low as $150.00 and the GeForce 2 GTS's with 64 megs as low as $250.00 on Price Watch. So keep an eye out for these price drops. I know if the 64 meg cards drop under $200.00, I'll be the first one to whip out the credit card and order.

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