New Deus Ex Multi-Patch

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Subject: New Deus Ex Multi-Patch

Ion Storm has released 3 new patches for what was easily the best game they released last year (how hard could it be to top Daikatana?). There are patches for the single player version, a multiplayer patch (this should be the main interest of those who enjoy the gameday events), and an sdk patch. All the patches fix multiple bugs, especially the multiplayer one. You can find these from most major gaming sites or simply click here to download them and view a list of the bugs that were fixed from GameSpy Daily. Also if you have Deus Ex and haven't tried it multiplayer, I really recommend it. The team play mode is great, and one of the most satisfying feelings in the world is hurling throwing knives at an enemy's head. Of course that's after I've set them on fire with the flamethrower and they are running around in a panic trying to put themselves out :)

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