My Trireme Sank Your Battleship

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Subject: My Trireme Sank Your Battleship

That might actually be a statement you'll hear once Empire Earth comes out. Empire Earth is poised to blow the scale of previous games out of the water, much like a current naval vessel would waste the best the Romans ever made. You'll be able to start off with early humans and help them advance all the way to present day and beyond. The game is being published by Sierra Studios and looks very promising. You have to wonder though, exactly how much of a chance Uggh the Neanderthal has against a highly trained soldier, picture it.....

Uggh starts to walk toward Sgt. John Smith of the 3rd Infantry carrying his trusty stick. As he approaches Sgt. Smith hurls a grenade at him, it hits Uggh in the head and falls to the ground. Uggh promptly picks up the grenade and thinks it is food. He tries to bite it only to realize that it is really hard. He tries smashing it with his stick, still no affect. He picks up a big rock and tries to smash it. At that precise moment the grenade, which has the longest fuse in history, goes off and blows Uggh to that peaceful Neanderthal place in the sky.
At least it would be funny to watch. If you want to learn more, head on over to the the game's web site.

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