MWGL Gains Valuable Experience In 1st Outing

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Subject: MWGL Gains Valuable Experience In 1st Outing

Last night, the MWGL put its feet in the murky waters of online team competition. And as it turns out, there are a lot of people out there that play Unreal Tournament Team Deathmatch a whole lot.

We ended up playing 3 v 3 Team Deathmatch, instead of 4 v 4, because of a lack of available players (Qwest is still yanking my DSL chain, so my 24k Netzero connection at work is all I've got.) In our first game we got spanked a mere 195 to 5 (woo-hoo we got 5). In the second game we had a little trouble with staying alive. It turns out that if the enemy can't kill you enough, you can always do the job yourself (jumping into the green radioactive stuff is a quick way to Hades). We went down in flames, 169 to 0 was the registered score (although the official number was 169 to -8).

Our next foray into the morass is Thursday night with Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag. We are going to practice tonight at around 8:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Hop into the #mwgl IRC channel if you want to play. Right now the CTF team roster is made up of:

Rikus Khan
Sir Raven
If you are interested in playing either UT Team Deathmatch or UT Capture the Flag, please let Squirre1 know. These teams are open to anyone who is willing to play under the MWGL banner. We are not elitist or snobby, we welcome anyone of any skill level to join us for the fun. Times for games are always changing, so the more people who are interested in playing, the easier it is to find a timeslot for everyone to play. Also, please let us know your intentions as soon as possible, that way if we need to back out of some of the league events, we can let the organizers know in advance so they can take us out of the scheduling.

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