Operation Flashpoint Demo Out

Posters Name: BurnPilot
Posters Email: burnpilot@mwgl.org
Subject: Operation Flashpoint Demo Out

Just yesterday I found out while visiting Adrenaline Vault that the wonderful people from Codemasters released a demo of Operation Flashpoint. For those of you who haven't heard of this game here's a brief description. Basically it's like Rogue Spear meets graphics and play style meet Tribes levels, all set in the Cold War era. The cool addition is vehicles. The demo is something I would definitely recommend for any fan of Rogue Spear. It's only one level with no multiplay, but I had an extremely enjoyable time playing it. Midway through the demo I actually killed a couple Russians who jumped out of their jeep then proceeded to steal said jeep and run over their comrad who had started to run up the road without noticing me, now if I can only find out how to steal the tank :) If you want to give the demo a try you can get it from Avault or FilePlanet. In the full game you will be able to drive tanks, jeeps, random parked cars, and fly helicopters. With some luck the full version of the game will hopefully be in stores in May.

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