MWGL Sets Personal Team Frag Record

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Subject: MWGL Sets Personal Team Frag Record

The MWGL set a new personal best, scoring 81 net kills, in its two deathmatch games last night. OK, so we still didn't win, but it sure the hell beat the 5 net kills we had last week. The final score was 316 to 81, but would have been much higher if I hadn't had to make a mid game substitution for Solid Steel. He was kicking ass in the first game with over 30 kills, but was not able to play the second game due to illness, so I had to take over. Lets just say that out of the 81 net kills our team got, I accounted for 0% of those. Never said TDM was my kind of game. The rest of the MWGL team last night was made up of Sir Raven, Squirre1, and Burn Pilot. The other three putting up a much better show than I.

But, we are having a great time and would love to see more of you join us for the games. We are supposed to have a couple of CTF games this week, one tonight and one Thursday night. Stop by the MWGL chat room at #mwgl on, and let us know if you are interested.

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