Krogue Very Very Sad!!!!

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Subject: Krogue Very Very Sad!!!!

Well, I got it. I waited and I waited. I read all the previews and reviews. I downloaded the movies and looked at all the screenshots. I thought that my weekend would be filled with the unexplainable joy of me and 63 other gamers playing in one huge arena of death.


Tribes 2 is the ultimate game of the year .... IF you have a 1.4 Gig Processor and a 64 Meg GeForce 2, and an OC-3 . If you don't have all of these things, don't buy it. Squirre1 and I both went through the arduous process of updating every driver just to get the damn thing to run. After that, you find out that nothing less than a GeForce will give you the visual effects that are proclaimed on the box and in the reviews. And, once you are in game (if you can find a server that is up), the massive amount of players just made my, less than 1 gig, system choke. Maybe in a few months when my system gets updated, I will jump back into a game and try it out again, but until then, anyone need a shiny new coaster?

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