INF 2.86 Update For UT

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Subject: INF 2.86 Update For UT

Whew, it has been so long on posting news I almost forgot what the interface was like. But anyway, The Infiltration team after their most recent release 2.85.3 had this to say about the upcoming 2.86:

"Now with our latest 2.85.3 version out in circulation, we're ready to discuss what's coming up in a 2.86 patch release. If you click your way to the Infiltration website, you can grab all the info on what's planned, from new weapons to new options and a collection of bug fixes. Also discussed are our plans after 2.86 including new game modes. So head on over to get all that and a free shameless Inf wallpaper."
I caught this while scanning over to UnrealCenter.

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