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Subject: More Cool Diablo Stuff

To continue with the Diablo 2 related news, GameSpy Daily has a short article with a link to a screenshot of the new increased stash size. Along with the new stash size, you can also see some new items you will find in the game in the stash. Looking closely at the screenshot does make me curious of a couple things though. For instance what are the Roman numerals above the sword and shield in the inventory screen for? Could it be that you can actually have the ability to have a primary and secondary weapon/loadout you can switch between at the push of a button? Now that would be a great addition to the game. Think of it, when you're far away from a creature you hit a button to change to a bow and then as the creature advances, you hit the button again to jump back to your sword and shield. Hopefully someone will be selected for the Beta and find out.

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