New Diablo 2 Update Released

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Subject: New Diablo 2 Update Released

Blizzard released update 1.06 today for Diablo 2. The official release notes from Blizzard are below:

Changes in the v1.06 Patch (Includes previous fixes)

Updated's Terms of Service agreement. It can now be accessed without having to create a new account.
Further optimized client to server communication.
Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD and CD-R drives.
The Diablo II Realms now scan characters for duplicate items. If a player is found to have more than one of the same item, the duplicate items will be deleted leaving just one of that item.

Common Questions:

Q: Why have some of my items of a certain type vanished?
A: Character files were scanned for duplicated items. All duplicate items but one were deleted.

Q: What items were selected for deletion?
A: All rare and unique items were scanned for duplicates.

Q. What constitutes a duplicate item?
A. Any item that was generated by an exploit which created an exact copy of another item.

Q: Why did Blizzard Entertainment only delete some of the dupes, and not every dupe?
A: Blizzard Entertainment wants to maintain an enjoyable and balanced play experience for every user. To that end, we removed all but one duplicate item. We're making an effort to protect those players that legitimately traded for those items.

Q: Are all methods of duping stopped?
A: All known methods of duping have been fixed. We will continue to monitor the Diablo II realms for duplication exploits and fix them as needed.

Q: Where can I report hacks or exploits?
A: You can send your reports to
You can get the update by logging into the servers or you can get it from the Blizzard site at Update Information.

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