Tom's Review Of The GeForce3

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Subject: Tom's Review Of The GeForce3

Tom's Hardware has finally gotten a review of the GeForce3 up. It seems to be a little more in favor of the card then all the other reviews, but he also lists the price as $400 not $500+ like everyone else. Here is a little quote of relism right from the article:

"The ones of you who don't want to spend 400 bucks on a graphics card have no reason to feel bad though. Your current 3D-card will most certainly be able to run the 3D-games of the next 6-12 months just fine, especially if it has a GeForce, GeForce2 or Radeon based architecture and thus T&L."
By the article you only notice the frame increases at the high screen sizes, I myself stay at 800x600 and call it good.

I say save your money now and get the GeForce2 GTS and wait for the next NVidia card to come out so the 3's prices drop. But hey, I am a lowly ol' news poster. You can check out the whole article here.

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