Great Event

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Subject: Great Event

Just wanted to let everyone know that this most recent event ran great. We had approx 47 attendees and I will be getting thos pictures posted shortly. Here are the event results with links to the brackets.

UT Bracket:
1st: SolidSteel
2nd: Tsunami
3rd: Anthos|MwGL|

Q3 Bracket:
1st: tem1do
2nd: [AH]Porky
3rd: X3|-UjERKY

CS Bracket:
1st: NN - dbh, MHael, Tsunami
2nd: [HE] - [HE}-SnaiL, [HE}-Ebola, [HE}-UjERKY
3rd: Flying Farts - Thief, Bobby Eades, Spencer Eades

Congratulations to all of the winners! I will be nailing down a firm list of rules that will be posted on the MWGL website. I am compiling information for this. If you have anything you would like to add, please post it in the forums or email me at


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