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Finally some news I can post about Redstorm's new tactical FPS from the Tom Clancy Universe, called "Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon". Incase you hadn't heard me rant about it in IRC a couple times, sites would post news about the game then immediately be asked by Redstorm to take it down. Info was more elusive than the Ghost Recon Force the game takes it's name from. Now that E3 has arrived though, Restorm has put out a press release that you can read here. I found this press release on Game Spy Daily's coverage of E3 along with lots of other interesting information. To find out more about the game or what's happening at E3 just follow the links and enjoy. I'll try to post more of what I consider the best news so you don't have to read about the new Barbie Games, although I wouldn't want to deprive like Squirre1 of the info on the games he loves. Now if only I can get the Black Ops teams to stop following me.....

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