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Subject: New News Funcationality

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have added New functionality to our news section. If you would like to ream more about the extended functionality please click on the "Read More..." link below.
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You have just accessed one of the new sections of functionality. With this we will be able to provide you with more news while at the same time not having to flood the Main Page with a HUGE cut and paste job.

Second thing that has been added is the source link. With this we will be able to link exclusives back to the source to make sure we don't step on anyones toes. Very Important.

Third. We have added a print link. If you click on this link it will open up the article you are reading in a printer friendly window with no garbage graphics. It will also fit onto a page without having to change your page to landscape to print it out.

Finally, ever wanted to do an "I told ya so" to your friends or just want to give some a heads up on something new to the gaming world. Well soon you will be able to email the news clip to a friend. This is not implemented just yet but will be very shortly.

I just want to say thinks to everyone that uses the MWGL for their source of news and we hope this makes the news just a little bit better for ya. If you have any questions, comment, or suggestions, please send them to

MWGL News - Printer Friendly Version