Halo : No Internet Play for XBox?

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Halo : No Internet Play for XBox?

For those early adopters drooling over the idea of Halo running on the XBox, according to this post at Halo.Bungie.org something bad has hit the fan. Here's the lowdown from Bungie's PR man Matt:

Unfortunately it's not possible for us to code support for internet play without more info than we have now. So Xbox Halo won't magically work over the internet when MS gets their networking stuff up. I don't think a patch will happen either.

A separate product is a possibility, but as things stand right now there is no definite plan for such a product. The team gets to decide what they work on next, but they won't make that decision until Halo is done.

I should make clear that I'm talking specifically about the Xbox version of Halo here.

Well, looks like us PC owners have something to gloat about. Wow, Microsoft bought Bungie and yet can't keep them up-to-date on their own product, yeeesh!

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