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Subject: Age of Mythology Preview

GameFirst! has posted a preview of Age of Mythology, the upcoming 3D Real Time Strategy from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft. The preview is based from investigating the game during last week's E3. Here's a snippet:

Gameplay will also change. Ensemble realizes that too often the AoE games consisted of a mad dash to the final age, where the best units were located. In AoM, the shortest route to the final age will not necessarily be the best. If you don't build up your temples and infrastructure in the earlier ages, you'll find yourself seriously handicapped in certain areas, and players who putter around for a while in the second age will find they've accrued certain bonuses. Games will also be shorter, lasting about an hour, and no longer will you have to run down the enemy's lone surviving unit to win.
Age of Empire fans rejoice, this looks to be quite the experience when complete.
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