SoF 2 : E3 Preview

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Subject: SoF 2 : E3 Preview

PCZone has posted a new preview of Soldier of Fortune 2 based on what they saw of Raven Software's upcoming first person shooter at the recently held E3. Here's a snip:

What Raven chose to show at E3 was more a technology demo than a working game but what they did show of the last few month's work was nothing short of stunning. Raven plans to make full use of the power of the current crop of 3D cards, pumping high-resolution textures down the graphics pipeline so fast that had it any ears there would doubtless be blasts of smoke spewing out them. These are mapped on to every surface in the game, right down to the tiniest objects giving pinpoint accurate detail. The end result is an environment as lifelike as any yet seen.
If the graphics on this game don't make you wanna run out and buy a GeForce3 card, nothing will!

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