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The fine folks over at GameSpot have posted up a new preview of Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition (say that three times fast). The new "gold" version of Creative Assembly's and Electronic Arts' RTS game sports some new enhancements and a new mission called The Mongul Invasion. Here's a snippet:

The new, additional material in the Warlord Edition takes you back to another dramatic period in Japan's history. In 1274, the great Mongol warlord Kublai Khan dispatched his forces to Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu in the hopes of conquest. The Mongols were beaten back by the Japanese, but that didn't stop the invaders from trying again in 1281. This time, Kublai Khan's fleet was obliterated by a massive typhoon, called the "kamikaze," or divine wind. The Shogun Warlord Edition puts you in the boots of the Mongol invader and Japanese defender. Where the original game focuses on building up and cultivating the land in your efforts to control it, the new material will offer an alternative style of gameplay. Here, the Mongols will concentrate on destruction, pure and simple.
For those RTS game fans (like me), this sounds to be a nice expansion to a great game.
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