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The folks over at Computer Games Online have posted a huge new preview of Neverwinter Nights, the hopefully soon-to-be-released 3D RPG game from Bioware. *Note* This preview is so massive they had to split it into two parts! If your interested in level making and building, read Part One. If you wanna see that newly created level in action, read Part Two. Both parts feature some quotes from several Bioware folks. Here's a short snip:

You can select different scripts for each monster or NPC to cover a variety of different situations. "Heartbeat" is the default behavior—what the monster does every AI update; "Notice" is what the creature does when it notices another creature; "Damaged" is what the creature does when it takes damage, and so on. As an example of how versatile the scripted behaviors can be, the programmers created a script that can make a group of monsters play tag. They run around their area, trying to stay away from whichever monster is "it." There is even a "don't tag the butcher" rule, which keeps a tagged monster from simply turning around and returning the favor.
I'm simply foaming at the mouth to get my hands on this baby, looks as if it may be something to break my EverQuest (read EverCrack) habits.
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