Q3 Annihilation Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Q3 Annihilation Patch

A small update for the Annihilation mod for Quake III: Arena has been released. This small patch fixes 3 "issues" (though what "issues" are fixed is never mentioned). You can snag the installer or zip patch, as well as the full release that came out yesterday. Here's a bit of info on this mod:

Annihilation is a Quake3 Total Conversion that changes the game from its original gothic deathmatch style gameplay to a World War 2 setting that aims for a highly team oriented strategy. Featuring a unique class and rank system makes players dependable of each other, not allowing any one man army kamikaze runners. You will find realistic weapons in Annihilation, as well as a whole set of realistic environments to battle it out in. Implementations like drivable vehicles (motorcycles in our first release), climbing, proning, gamemodes like "Destroy Target" and "Rescue Albert" all contribute to the modification's uniqueness.
What are you waiting for, grab a copy today.

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