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Subject: Serious Sam Patch Info

There's new info floating around reguarding an up and coming patch for Serious Sam by way of Roman Ribaric of Croteam. What's going to be new? Check it

Patch 1.02 for Serious Sam US version is ready. We are testing it right now and we also got our beta testers doing the same. If all goes well, it will be released later today. Patch is for US version only. Patch for European version will be released shortly after.

Major things in this patch 1.02 are fixes for some network crashes, support for two mice and option for cooperative respawn in place. There is also a long list of additional fixes/optimizations and changes for the Serious Sam and tools. We'll list them all when we release this patch.
Sound to be some good news, specially for those network games, watch for it later today.

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