Soldier Of Fortune Patch To Switch Servers

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Subject: Soldier Of Fortune Patch To Switch Servers

Activision has sent out word that the long awaited patch for the original Soldier of Fortune game from Raven will be coming out soon. Here is their note on the matter:

Last year's critically acclaimed action game, Soldier of Fortune(R), is moving to a new multiplayer home. Activision and Raven Software will soon release a patch that will switch multiplayer to GameSpy. The switch coincides with multiplayer server fixes that Raven has implemented.

All users of Soldier of Fortune are recommended to download and install the patch. On August 10, will cease hosting Soldier of Fortune multiplayer.
The patch will be available at, and, as well as other sites on the internet.
Nothing majorly new from the sounds of it, just allows you to continue netplay.

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