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Mech game fan site has posted a new preview of MechCommander 2 based on their experiences from playing a near-complete build of the upcoming 3D RTS game from Microsoft. The preview is fairly detailed and covers a lot of the game's features:

Instead of fighting inside of a 'Mech as you do in Mechwarrior, you are a mercenary MechCommander involved in a brutal war known as the Chaos March (a "very nasty situation to be in"*). You command a company of 'Mechs, sometimes up to a dozen at a time. You have control of all of these 'Mechs at once-you have the power.

To make it more entertaining for new and old players alike, the beginning of the game is more visually interesting. From the start you have the ability to move each screen from side to side to continuously work on choosing 'Mechs, pilots, and more. This part of the game is visually stimulating and (in my own humble opinion) utterly enjoyable.
I officially announce today Mech news day!
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