Action For Quake III

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Subject: Action For Quake III

Team Reaction plans on bringing their cool "Action" mod to the Quake III engine. In their own words:

From the ashes of Quake 2, a legendary modification was born. Perhaps the forefather of "realism" mods, it left us with definitive gameplay and action. Now, time has passed... but the legend is not forgotten. It rises again and makes its return to Quake 3 Arena.

Reaction Quake 3 ("Reaction") is a direct port of the famed Action Quake 2 ("Action") modification for Quake 3. All the original weapons and gameplay features will return. The Reaction team is dedicated to matching Action's original physics and creating an authentic gaming experience. Some of Action's most popular maps are also being ported. However, the similarities end there. Utilizing Quake 3's improved graphics capabilities, the Reaction team intends to raise the level on visual aesthetics and environmental depth. The end result is a new and revitalized modification that will please the gaming veteran and rookie in you.
Head on over and read more about it and take a look as some of the posted game pictures.

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