Tribes 2 patch today

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Subject: Tribes 2 patch today

There's news that the Development Team for Tribes 2 will release a beta patch today, available at the Central Download Site. This patch is to address most of the remaining issues in the game and specifically fixes the ELF crash bug. Here's the word:

This is *not* an official patch, and no support from Sierra will be provided for it. It is recommended for expert users only. This patch is still being tested in-house. We will make it available for download to interested players so we can ensure the best possible quality and compatibility when this patch becomes official.

If you try this patch, and you are not happy with it, a "reverse patch" will also be available on the Central Download Site that will restore your game back to the current version.

We will be setting up a "BETA Patch Feedback" forum for comments about this patch so that we can listen and respond to any issues you may find.

Thanks, all. We want your game to run as smoothly and cleanly as possible.

Again...this BETA patch will be available tomorrow, June 19
And just in case you didn't catch their drift, this is a BETA release.

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