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Subject: Neverwinter Nights Scripting

Neverwinter Nexus has posted a Q&A session with BioWare's Mark Brockington about the scripting methods they use in Neverwinter Nights. Check it:

Q: What will the syntax and structure of NWScript be like?

A: The syntax of NWScript, in large part, resembles C with some of the extensions/restrictions imposed by Java. We allow for variables, user-defined functions and structures. There are some key features of C/Java that are missing: these include arrays, pointers, call-by-reference semantics and classes.

Each script, in a very similar way to a C program, starts with a "void main()" function, and can go to any user-defined functions within that script, or access any of the functions that we've exposed to the end-user.

At last count, there are over 700 constants in the NWScript language definition file, and over 250 functions for accessing variables and actions on objects in the game world.
Can you say sweeeeet! Talk about one customizable game - cannot wait to get my hands on this one!
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