Diablo 2 - Updated Notes On 1.08 Patch

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Subject: Diablo 2 - Updated Notes On 1.08 Patch

According to this post over on their Realm Status forums, Blizzard has posted a bit of an update regarding some of the changes that were implemented in Diablo II in the recent v1.08 patch. Apparently, some of the changes meant for the LoD expansion made their way into the recent patch. Here's more news on the update

Several changes that are slated to appear in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction found their way into the 1.08 patch. While some of these changes will be found in the Expansion set, we did not intend to have them affect characters in classic Diablo II.

We are currently testing a server side fix that will reverse some of these changes. For a complete list of issues that we will be addressing, please visit http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/patch108.shtml#server

We expect this fix to be live on our servers within the next couple days. We will post future updates here to keep you informed on our progress.

We wanted to also take this opportunity to point out some new enhancements added in the 1.08 patch of which you may not already be aware. for information on some of these enhancements, please visit http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/patch108.shtml#improvements

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