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Subject: Preview : Soldier Of Fortune 2

To celebrate Raven Software's birthday, they're 11 years old today, Jedi Knight II Network has posted a preview of the up and coming Soldier of Fortune II. Here's a blurb:

Graphically, Soldier of Fortune II is intensified. SOF used a modified Quake 2 engine, while the sequel uses the powerful Quake III Team Arena engine. Raven has also used id Software's ROAM technology for Quake III Team Arena to add gigantic outdoor environments. Literally miles of terrain are now fully explorable. The level of detail is incredible; in fact, the graphics are so good that individual blades of grass blow in the wind. Characters even have eyes that move realistically in their sockets. Snow, rain, and wind will effect the environment and may play apart in specific missions.
Looks to be one impressive game, perhaps good enough to break one's own Counter-Strike habit.
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