Half-Life Patch Update

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Subject: Half-Life Patch Update

Here is some news that I grabbed that all you HL, CS, and DoD players might be interested in. Its a nice little heads up on release times for the new HL Patches:

Two Half-Life Updates Coming Soon

Half-Life updates and will be released in the coming weeks.

Update, which contains Deathmatch Classic and introduces new update/downloading functionality, will be issued next week.

Update, which contains Voice and the Multicast Spectator technologies, and was previously referred to as, will be released in mid July. This update also contains a fix for the GL wall hack, and will be previewed at this week's CPL event in Dallas.

The Voice and Multicast Spectator features will be compatible with all Half-Life Mods, and Valve will be supporting the Mod teams to have these features working immediately in popular HL Mods such as Day of Defeat and more.
Is it just me, or can no-one else wait for the Multicast Spectator.
Source: Planet Half-Life (http://www.planethalflife.com)

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