PC vs Console - An Interesting Read

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Subject: PC vs Console - An Interesting Read

Computer Games Online has posted an article in which they take a look at the differences between PC and console games, mainly focusing on the online communities that PC games tend to foster. Here's a clip:

Yet even the most bigoted PC gamers—the ones who'd rather be caught planning a "sightseeing" tour of downtown Bangkok than messing around with Samba De Amigo—often fail to recognize that the biggest difference between what they love and what they hate is the online community. Where console games are almost claustrophobic in their limitations, computer titles are wholly open-ended. Pick up a copy of Shenmue for the Sega Dreamcast and you know that you'll be spending a few days flirting with doe-eyed beauties and collecting vending machine toys. Pick up a copy of The Sims and you don't know where you'll end up. Instead of just playing around with the character skins, homes, and furnishings that Will Wright tossed onto the retail CD, you could go online in search of user-designed modifications and soon be watching Fred Flintstone go number two in Homer Simpson's newly marbled bathroom. Don't believe me? Point your browser at the ridiculously comprehensive Sims Resource.
I personally have fallen from grace with consoles, they may have the newest graphics, but they deffinately fall behind when it comes to multi-player ability (Mario Kart would RULE over TCP/IP).
Source: Computer Games Online (http://www.cgonline.com/)

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