Windows XP RC1 : A Gamers Perspective

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Subject: Windows XP RC1 : A Gamers Perspective

For those of you curious about what Windows XP will mean to gaming community, GamePC has posted a review of Windows XP Release Candidate 1 and compared it to Microsoft's current crop of O/S's. Will it be on your upgrade list? Here's a snip:

Besides this, we really like XP. After messing around with a few previous builds, Windows XP looks and feels like a very solid operating system. It's got the stability of Windows 2000, a cool OSX-like graphical feel, and oogles of native hardware and software support. While it's not quite ready for full-on server/workstation/home deployment yet, it's safe to say that by the time they launch, XP will be the most advanced operating system on the planet. We like.
If M$ would remove the activation portion of the product, I would actually purchase (*GASP*) a copy when it ships. I've never been the Microsoft fan, but this thing really impresses me.
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