Windows XP Activation Process

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Subject: Windows XP Activation Process

There's plenty of confusion over the whole Activation Process that Microsoft has deemed necessary in the upcoming release of Windows XP, which has created rumors and an overall confusion among users on what it will and won't allow them to do. To help combat some of the misconceptions and balogne people have towards this process, Microsoft has updated their XP FAQ with new information. Here's a portion of what's new

Will Product Activation allow me to upgrade my hardware?

Yes, Product Activation does allow users to upgrade their hardware. One of the forms of piracy that Product Activation guards against is hard disk imaging. Not all forms of hard disk imaging are illegal. However, by forcing the copied software to be reactivated, Product Activation will prevent a pirate from copying data from one PCís hard drive to anotherís to illegally run the software on two PCs. It does this by comparing the hardware on which it was activated to the hardware on which it is now being booted. If the hardware is substantially different, then reactivation is required. If it is the same or similar, then the software will continue to work. Users who upgrade their PCís hardware substantially may be asked to reactivate. Reactivation is easy and can be completed by contacting Microsoft to obtain another confirmation ID.
Personally I think Microsoft would benefit from removing this "feature", as I can see issues arising from the average home user, bringing a rise in calls to those of us working in the IT/Helpdesk field.

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