Eternal Arena v4.7

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Eternal Arena v4.7

The official Eternal Arena web site has been updated with the release of the latest version (v4.7) of their popular mod for Quake 3. This newest release adds another game mode ("Carnage") as well as a few new features and fixes. Dig it:

  • Slight change to the background menu gfx
  • bugfix - Deaths on scoreboard removed, until I can fix them
  • bugfix - Rocket Duel starting ammo now 30
  • bugfix - Quadwhore random spawning in other gamemodes
  • New weapons configuration screen
  • Carnage gamemode - excessive blood and gibs, and big explosions
  • Low Grav gamemode replaced by Carnage
  • New gfx and snd packs by Fusion
  • New pre-defined game configs, ready to launch from ingame
  • Some old options removed
  • Demos put on setup menu
  • What are you waiting for soldier! Get over there today and download.

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