New SoF Beta Patch

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Subject: New SoF Beta Patch

Raven's Rick Johnson has updated his .plan with word of the release of a new v1.07f beta patch for Soldier of Fortune. From the horses' mouth:

Well, unfortunately, the SoF 1.07 patch that was released on Friday had a crash bug in it. You should download the 1.07f Beta patch. You will need to re-install 1.06 first, then apply this patch. From all of the reports that I've read on our message board, this clears up all issues. Make sure that when you are in the main menu, that the version in the lower right says 1.07f

There were several reasons why QA didn't catch this bug, even though it was blatant when the patch was released to the public. It is one of those bugs which is difficult to find in QA, given that they don't have the dynamics of people on the internet nor the sheer amount of people. I do apologize for this incident, and hopefully we'll find a better approach in the future, such as a limited beta release.
Those of you hosed by the original patch, should definately pick this new patch up.

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