Dragon's Lair 3D

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Subject: Dragon's Lair 3D

Dragonstone Software, in cooperation with CGE, will be debuting their upcoming Dragon's Lair 3-D at this year's Classic Gaming Expo. Here's a bit more on the upcoming title:

The games' creators have formed Dragon's Lair LLC. as well as Dragonstone Software, a development house ready to bring out top quality software titles for the PC, Mac, PS2, and X-Box platforms. Dragon's Lair 3-D will be the first release and players will again assume the role of the brave knight, Dirk the Daring, as he fights to save princess Daphne. "With our current 3-D technology, we can give the player complete control over Dirk, with the ability to fully explore the castle in his quest to rescue the princess," states Rick Dyer, one of the creators of the original Dragon's Lair game. "In Dragon's Lair 3-D we take the player on an adventurous trek via a technically innovative 3-D game that will impress both the reminiscing and modern hard core gamer."
Don't know about you, but I spent plenty of hard earned jack on this game as a kid, I can only imagine what a new version with today's hardware will do!

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