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Subject: Shattered Galaxy Preview

PC.IGN has posted a preview for Shattered Galaxy, the upcoming massively multiplayer strategy game by Nexon. Here's a snip:

When attacking a territory, players will have 20 minutes in order to win the territory by capturing Points of Contention. These are circular disks set around the maps that a ground unit must sit on for 30 second in order to capture it. Once all of these have been captured the day has been won and you can notch another win up for the good guys. A planet map will be up and available showing what battles are around for you to join. Once you click on one, you'll receive a notice whether you'll actually be able to join the fray or not. The battle commander (highest tactical rating in the battle) on the field will have that choice.
Looks to have more of a typical RealTime Strategy interface to it (ala Starcraft, etc.)
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