Max Payne Multi-Player?

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Subject: Max Payne Multi-Player?

Max Payne was originally supposed to have multiplayer support, unfortunately that was removed so that the developers could focus on creating a more immersive single player experience. So the question on everybody's mind now is "Will they eventually add it in a patch?" Not according to Remedy's Peter Hajba:

Multiplayer patch? Um, no.

The game is officially marketed as a single player game. Sticking In Some Net Code™ won't make it any better. M'kay?

Shall I repeat in a couple of hours? ;)

Come on. Single player games can give you something that you can't do in multiplayer. You get to be a Special Hero™ who kicks the collective butt of loads of bad guys. In multiplayer deathmatches and team games, everyone wants to be the Special Hero™. Alas, in reality, you'll just get a couple of frags while the hyperactive Red Bull drinker in the other side of the globe captures the flag twice (and frags you 10 times along the way as you spawn in the way of his rocket every time).
Get your hard earned cash out, Max Payne will be in stores in a few short weeks!

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