World War II Online Update

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Subject: World War II Online Update

The World War II Online website has been updated with a progress report on the upcoming version 1.20 patch. The update includes a detailed list of these bug fixes and other tweaks, check it:

Grenades and satchels are working, and debug there seems to be going well so far. We are also testing the initial scoring systems. Kills, damage, vehicle types etc. This is where we need to do a lot of testing prior to delivery to the closed beta team. Although we want to get this patch out ASAP, we also want it to be solid and well-tested. We have to ride the wire on this, as I am sure we could test for a long time. There are a lot of little fixes in this update as well, some stuff that isnít on the big radar but we were able to get to.
I personally have not yet had the chance to play this game, looks to be quite fun though.

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